Don’t let the pool water go low! We have you covered.


Where does your water come from?

We only get water from the city water system. We never have and never will put water from a stagnant pond or a polluted stream in our water truck. The water is of drinking water quality. Locally we get our water from Shippensburg, but we have accounts at several other towns as well and haul from wherever is closest to the job.

What size is our truck?

We have a four thousand gallon truck. While it is big, we can fit it into about any location it needs to go.

What we haul water to?

Swimming Pool Water. We will fill any size of swimming pool, from a eight foot ring pool to the largest in-ground swimming pool.

Cisterns. We will fill any size of cistern for anyone. We have special rates for regular customers who we can put on a maintenance schedule.

Hot Tubs. Is your water to hard or to full of iron for use in your hot tub? We provide you with fresh, pure water that will not react with your chemicals.

Water Tanks. We have temporary water storage tanks available for rent. If your well has gone dry or you need water for any other reason, we have a tank for you.

Dust control. We can spray or spread water over your job site to control dust pollution when the site gets dry.


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